No more IOU for YOU. You can now pay people with the Popmoney® personal payment service. We’ve made paying someone and getting paid as easy as sending a text or email.

Popmoney lets you easily send or request money from friends, family, or anyone at all. All you need is their name,email address or mobile phone number to move money from your bank account to theirs.  Log on to internet banking and go to bill pay and select the Popmoney tab.

* Pay your friends, family or other people using just their email address or mobile phone number.

*  Request payment from a single person or a group of people, including setting up reminders to pay

*  Pick up a Popmoney payment someone else has sent you.  Check that the sent funds land in your designated HNB First account.

Popmoney is offered by 1400 financial institutions, making it easy for your friends, family and others to take advantage of the service.
Use Popmoney to pay your landlord, your cousin, or your coworker.  Popmoney makes it easy to pay for all sorts of things – rent, shared bills, or even just paying back a friend for lunch.
It’s a simple, secure, and smarter way to pay and get paid. The cost is only .50 per transaction.

How it works overview.